Civil Engineering

We are passionate about seeing communities thrive. To always ensure excellent communication, our teams of Project Managers and Engineers work very closely with clients, planning departments and public agencies to provide the technical specifications and peace of mind necessary for a successful project. Our processes make it easy to obtain site plan approval, solicit contractor bids and properly construct the project, all while keeping stakeholders updated each step of the way.

The opportunity to coordinate closely with our local team of experts is an experience unmatched by the other guys, as is our loyalty to you as a client!

How We Help

Site feasibility studies
Site planning & design
Subdivisions and condominiums
Planned unit developments
Low impact development
Water, sanitary sewer, & septic systems
Stormwater management
Floodplain management & permitting
Construction engineering​

The Driesenga teams’ professionalism, technical knowledge and customer service, contribute to making them a trusted partner to work with on our project sites.

Marcy A.

The team over there is top notch, extremely responsive and service is second to none.  Always the most knowledgeable people in the room or on the job site when it comes to concrete testing.  They know their work and the concrete industry better than anyone.

Mark P.
Project Manager